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Popular questions

We have found that people often ask similar questions before they enrol. The following questions provide quick answers so you can understand more about training with us.
You can also contact our advisors on Freephone 0800 988 0065 or 01409 220 791 if you have any other questions or would like more information.

What qualifications can I achieve?

Our courses lead to industry recognised accounting qualifications.
AAT Foundation Award in Accounting Software (Level 2) helps you learn useful skills that could lead to you starting a career in finance.
AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping (Level 2) can help if you would like to work within a finance department or start your own bookkeeping firm.
AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting (Level 2) is ideal if you would like to start a career in accounting.
AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting (Level 3) helps you learn more advanced techniques so you can progress your career further within a company.
AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting (Level 4) can help you become a senior accounting professional.

Who are AAT?

AAT is the Association of Accounting Technicians. The term ‘accounting technician’ covers a wide range of roles within accounting, giving you a flexibility to take your career where you wish.
Courses at the Accounting Training College lead to the:

Can I gain AAT qualifications?

Yes, the Accounting Training College only provide courses that lead to AAT qualifications. You can therefore be confident that by training with us, a reputable provider, you will learn useful skills that lead to industry recognised qualifications.

Should I join AAT once I have enrolled on my course?

Yes, you will need to become a Student Member of AAT. As a student member, you will also:
  • Gain access to interactive services and resources
  • Become a member of the AAT social community
  • Receive a regular magazine and e-newsletter
  • Benefit from networking opportunities
  • Receive exclusive discounts
Details of becoming a student member of AAT, the benefits available and the fees are available by visiting

Where can I take my assessments?

Assessments take place at venues across the UK at selected times of the year.

How long does it take to gain a qualification?

At the Accounting Training College, we aim to make training as flexible as possible.
You have the freedom to start your course as soon as you enrol, then progress at your own pace, fitting your training around any other commitments. Your progress then depends upon how much time you would like to commit to study.
As a guide, many learners are able to gain the:
1 Timescales are approximate and depend upon application and motivation.

What payment options are available for your courses?

You have the flexibility to choose from two options:
You can choose to pay the total course fee in one sum, or pay a deposit followed by regular monthly instalments2.
2 Your certificate will be awarded when you have successfully completed the course and payments.

How do I enrol?

There are two ways you can enrol on our accounting courses.
To enrol by phone, please call Freephone 0800 988 0065 or 01409 220 791 and speak with our course advisors.
Alternatively, please click here to enrol online.

Why work in accounting?

Accounting professionals with the right qualifications and attributes have the trust of their peers and can make it to the very top of the corporate world – 58% of FTSE 100 companies have a chairman or CEO with an accountancy or finance background3.
Thousands of accounting and finance professionals will be desperately needed over the coming years to combat looming skills shortages4.
Study with us and you could gain the professional accounting qualifications needed to achieve a secure and rewarding future. Companies are scrambling to recruit talented people – over 165,000 accountancy sector jobs were advertised online in 20135. Or you could start your own successful business.
3 Defined as having worked in the banking industry, in a financial role (e.g. FD, CFO), or having a qualification in accounting. Source:
4 Source: “The United Kingdom faces a shortfall of 10,200 qualified accountants by 2050 due to skills shortages”.
5 Source: Totaljobs Barometer (

What could I do when I qualify?

Our courses lead to industry recognised qualifications that can help you start and develop your career in accounting and bookkeeping. Then, with the right qualifications and attributes, you could eventually gain promotion to the most senior board-level positions within a company.